Course open. Power trolleys on.
Preferred lies.
All main greens in play.
Dress Code

Because you are a visitor, we want you to enjoy a memorable golfing experience. To ensure a full measure of enjoyment please read the information below.

On the course the following are permitted:

  • Weather-protective clothing specifically designed for golf. 
  • Accredited golf shirts or roll necks, always tucked in except for ladies when designed for outside wear.
  • Accredited golf footwear and trousers, smart jeans but no blue denim or combat trousers.
  • Knee-length tailored shorts with knee length socks or any white socks.
In the clubhouse the following are permitted:
  • Accredited golf shirts, roll necks or collared shirts.
  • Trousers or smart jeans but no blue denim, knee-length tailored shorts with knee length socks or any white socks.
  • Clean spike less golf shoes, leisure and deck shoes (socks optional)
In the clubhouse the following are not considered acceptable:
  • Rainwear, hats, caps or visors.
  • Blue denim jeans or combat trousers.
  • Trainers and men's open-toed footwear.
  • Wet or muddy clothing or shoes.
In the dining room smart casual dress is required after 6 pm and Sunday lunchtime.

The changing of clothing or footwear in the car park is not permitted and members and visitor are asked to use the changing rooms provided. Please use the locker room to change into or out of your golfing attire. The Office, Bar or Professional Shop will give you the code for the day upon arrival.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones may not be used on the golf course with the exception of a medical emergency. Calls may not be made or received in the clubhouse and phones should be maintained on “silent or vibrate” mode at all times but may be used in the clubhouse to text. Calls made or taken outside the clubhouse must occur in a suitable area away from the course or the clubhouse with consideration for others.Please share the above guidelines with your guests.