Course Open. 18 holes. All main greens. No buggys. Pull trolleys only unless medical dispensation. Preferred lies (winter rules) in operation. (updated 24 October at 06:06)
Academy Membership Scheme


Membership of the Academy scheme is open to anyone with a desire to start playing golf or a lapsed golfer who is considering a return to the game. The Professional Team’s aim is to be of assistance at every stage of the Academy member’s development, providing the opportunity to gain experience on the course as your abilities improve. Just as any member of the Club, you’ll also be able to attend social functions and events, making the progression on to full membership a seamless one.


The Academy scheme is an instruction-based membership package which aims to provide new and novice golfers with the most comprehensive introduction to the game, no matter their age or experience. The membership runs for a period of 12 months at a cost of £700 and provides extensive access to the golf course, practice facilities and clubhouse. 


  • 1 x half hour introduction session – this is taken to activate your Academy Membership.
  • 6 x half hour individual golf lessons (to cover all aspects of the game) with the Professional team.
  • 1 x 6 hole playing lesson (3 Academy members & Professional).

  • The opportunity to attend 6 Academy group clinics.

  • Rules and etiquette sessions.

  • A complimentary equipment suitability assessment using our Coaching and Custom Fitting Studio.

  • Entry in to Academy competitions.

  • Entry in to Academy member roll-ups.

  • Opportunity to gain an official CONGU handicap.

  • A bar card with £25 of credit for use in the clubhouse & halfway hut. By using your card you will receive 5% discount on all beverage purchases.

  • Full and unlimited access to all clubhouse and practice facilities.

  • An Academy bag tag allowing access to the golf course at off peak times.

  • A Professional Shop voucher for 10% off your purchase when over £100.


  1. You must be accompanied by a playing member when using the course. However once you have been an Academy member for 6 months and have been playing regularly, this stipulation is relaxed. Providing that you have demonstrated to the Club Professional that you are sufficiently aware of the Rules of Golf including the etiquette of the game and suitably proficient to play on the course unsupervised, then you may play on your own or with another Academy member of the same standing.

  2. Academy members must afford full members and the Club Professional priority on the course and practice ground at all times.

  3. Men must play from the “yellow logs” and Ladies must play off the "green logs" at all times unless he/she is completing a card for handicap purposes in which case Men should play from either the “yellow or white logs” and Ladies should play from the "red logs.

  4. At any time during membership of the scheme, an Academy member may apply for full membership of the Club, and his/her candidature will follow the normal procedure for membership applications.

  5. An Academy member may not enter official Club competitions.

  6. If you wish to apply for full membership of the Club, you must have obtained an official CONGU handicap by the end of your Academy membership.


All Academy members are requested to check in with the Professional Shop before play. Access times are subject to seasonal change and availability dependent on the Club diary, competition schedule and all other golf bookings.


  • Play is permitted after 10am on any day with the exception of Tuesday, when play is permitted from 12 noon.


  • Summer          - Play is permitted after 2pm.
  • Winter             - Play is permitted after 1pm.


If you would like to discuss our Academy Scheme further please contact Ben Driver at or 020 8500 2059